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Keen Zionic Mid Waterpoof Women's

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Embark on your hike with an unrestrained zest—faster, farther, and, dare I say, funner. Behold the marvel that is Zionic, a symphony of speed, stability, and comfort woven in. Strap in, my friends, for the journey of exhilaration awaits.


Picture this: A waterproof, breathable membrane, a true maestro of elemental defiance. Behold the higher-traction TPU outsole, a virtuoso in lightweight durability, adorned with 4mm multi-directional lugs—nature's grip incarnate. Delight in the two-finger webbing loop on the heel, a subtle nod to the ease of pull-on, ensuring you glide into your adventures effortlessly.

Marvel at the stability shank, a discreet guardian delivering featherweight support as you traverse varied terrains. Witness the TPU overlays, a testament to durability seamlessly woven into the fabric of your journey. Revel in the PFAS-free, durable water repellent, a pledge to environmental stewardship.

Our commitment extends to the recycled PET plastic, a symphony of sustainability in every step. Embrace the Eco Anti-Odour enchantment, a magical touch for natural odor control—harmony between foot and environment.

And, of course, savor the Contoured Fit—a dance with the foot's contours, an ode to a more secure embrace. This, my friends, is not merely footwear; it's a narrative waiting to be explored.

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