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Sticky Peach Fresno BBQ Sauce

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Contained within a 250ml vessel, this elixir is your passport to a realm of taste sensations—an indispensable companion for every BBQ virtuoso.


Picture this: the tantalizing dance of sweet, tangy peaches harmonizing with the fiery embrace of fire-roasted fresno chilies and whole garlic cloves. It's a symphony of flavors—a journey that begins with a satisfying burn and concludes with a delicate wisp of smoke lingering on your palate.

Versatile in its essence, this elixir can be wielded as a cooking companion, a grilling guardian, a marinade maestro, or a sweet chili-style hot sauce—each application promising an authentic and enchanting BBQ affair.

Indulge in the ritual of culinary magic as you drizzle this potion over chicken, salmon, pulled pork, or even as a tantalizing wing sauce—each bite a testament to the artistry of flavor.


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