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Grangers Leather Conditioner 75mL

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An easy-to-apply wax that conditions and waterproofs all leather footwear.


In the world of care and preservation, we bring you a potent elixir in the form of a highly breathable conditioning cream. Versatile and accommodating, it extends its protective embrace to all your smooth leather footwear and accessories, ensuring they remain impervious to the caprices of nature.

Let's delve into the captivating features:

  • This miracle-worker is PFC-free, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and responsible solutions.
  • It bears the prestigious Bluesign® approval, a testament to its eco-conscious formulation.

Now, while it may appear diminutive, this unassuming tube harbors tremendous power. Don't underestimate its capacity to safeguard your leather boots, for the care and keeping of your leather is a task of paramount importance.

We've all been guilty of occasionally neglecting our footwear's needs. Yet, leather, the pinnacle of refinement, demands attentive nurturing to reach its full potential. Neglect can result in parched, cracked, and unbearably uncomfortable leather. But fear not, for this user-friendly conditioner offers a simple solution. With it, you can grant your leather footwear a cloak of rain and stain protection, ensuring it remains supple and resilient.

Top Tip: To enhance the application experience, we recommend the removal of shoelaces before embarking on this rejuvenating ritual.

How to unleash the magic:

  • Begin by applying this elixir sparingly to your clean, leather footwear.
  • In a graceful circular motion, gently massage it in, assuring that every seam and joint receives its nourishing touch.
  • For optimal results, indulge your footwear with 2-3 thin coats, allowing each to dry gracefully between applications.

This is more than just a conditioner; it's a pledge to your leather's well-being and your ultimate comfort. Elevate your leather footwear to new heights of elegance and endurance.

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