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Darn Tough Socks Hike Micro Crew Midweight Socks 1466

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In the realm of hiking, our "1466" Hiker transcends expectations, setting a new standard for what the quintessential hiking sock should embody.


Envision the vast majesty from the West Coast's Pacific Rim Trail to the breathtaking landscapes of the Atlantic along the East Coast Trail. In the realm of hiking, our "1466" Hiker transcends expectations, setting a new standard for what the quintessential hiking sock should embody. Each year, echoes from countless thru-hikers resonate, proclaiming this resilient sock as the singular choice that truly conquers the demands of the Canadian trails. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and acquaint yourself with this legendary companion on the trail.

Elevating the experience with a micro crew height and carrying the distinguished weight of midweight, this sock is more than a mere accessory; it's a steadfast companion for the hiker who savors every step on Canada's iconic trails. Ideal companions for this legendary sock include Hiking Shoes, Hiking Boots, and the hardiest Backpacking Boots, paving the way for an unmatched hiking experience. Embrace the trail legend and stride confidently into the Canadian wilderness, where comfort and performance converge in perfect harmony.

  • Men's micro crew socks, boasting an average length of 8.5 inches from heel to cuff, gracefully reveal about 6 inches above low hiking shoes or perch just above standard hiking boots, adding a touch of timeless style to your outdoor ensemble.

  • Experience the pinnacle of hiking comfort with our performance fit – a promise of no slipping, no bunching, and certainly, no blisters. It's the ultimate assurance for those who demand peak performance on the trail.

  • The 1466 stands as an icon among socks, a classic that has weathered the trails and emerged stronger. While we've made improvements along the way, the undeniable charm of this sock remains unaltered.

  • Revel in enhanced comfort with a reinforced footbed and Achilles cushion, elevating the longevity of our socks and ensuring your feet feel pampered with every step.

  • The choice of champions, Merino Wool takes center stage, effortlessly wicking away moisture to keep your feet fresh and dry, regardless of the weather conditions encountered on the trail.

  • Our midweight socks, carrying the distinction of all-season weight, masterfully thermoregulate, cocooning your feet in unwavering comfort as temperatures dance to the unpredictable tunes of nature.

  • And, to seal the deal, we proudly declare these socks Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life. If they don't emerge as the longest-lasting socks you've ever owned, return them, and we'll gladly outfit your feet with another pair that lives up to the promise.

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