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Darn Tough Socks 1657 The Standard Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Sock Men's

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Despite the simplicity of The Standard, it’s anything but simple. The Standard has a high-density stitch count which delivers durability without bulk and a performance fit that yields no slipping, bunching or blisters.


Introducing The Standard, a study in simplicity that defies the ordinary. Despite its unassuming exterior, The Standard conceals a wealth of remarkable attributes beneath its surface.

With a high-density stitch count, it upholds the values of durability without the encumbrance of excess bulk. Embrace a performance fit, a commitment to vanquishing the demons of slipping, bunching, and the unforgivable blisters.

In the realm of height, these men's crew socks extend an average of 10.5 inches from heel to cuff. Anticipate their dignified ascent, gracing your legs with a presence that extends approximately 8 inches above the crest of a casual sneaker.

It's all business when it comes to performance, no excuses are tolerated. These everyday socks stand as a testament to unwavering dedication.

And let's not forget our hallmark True Seamless™ Toe technology, which we employ to seal every toe seam, rendering it utterly undetectable and astonishingly smooth to the touch.

Silky soft Merino Wool takes center stage, a natural choice that embraces the principles of breathable, enduring comfort and effortless style.

With lightweight yarns at their core, these socks beckon you with an irresistible promise of day-long, and even subsequent-day, comfort. They're so smooth and delightful that you'll find yourself yearning to wear them again and again.

In the hierarchy of height, these men's crew socks average 10.5 inches from heel to cuff. They are designed to elegantly ascend approximately 8 inches above the rim of a casual sneaker. Our performance fit is unwavering in its quest to eliminate slipping, bunching, and the dreaded blisters.

Of utmost importance, our True Seamless™ Toe technology graces each pair. This innovative technique conceals every toe seam, rendering it imperceptible to the discerning touch.

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